Evaluating of Several Parameters in Marine Chlorella sp. Flocculation Process, and Biodiesel Production via Chlorophyll-Extracted Microalgal Biomass (CEMB)

Yohanis Irenius Yohanis I. Mandik, Benjamas Benjamas Cheirsilp


The screening for a high efficient method in harvesting microalgae is an important step to a large scale microalgal biodiesel production.  Magnesium salt (MgSO4·7H2O) concentration of 0.0083 gram per litter of marine Chlorella sp. culture with biomass concentration of 3.78 g/L showed the highest flocculation efficiency (FE) of 94.63%  at pH of 11 after only 10 minutes of flocculation time.  There was no any difference of FE between two different volumes of culture, after 10 minutes of flocculation.


Keywords:  Chu 13, flocculation efficiency, magnesium salt, marine Chlorella sp.,         photoautotroph, rapid harvesting

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31957/.v5i1.2006


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