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This community service program aims to introduce English language for children in the small area in Abepura district called Perumnas IV Padang Bulan, Abepura,
Jayapura, Papua, in order to motivate dan positively encourage them to know dan love English language as an international language that important to be mastered through the use of songs and find that learning English could be fun and interesting and that nothing should be afraid of or feeling ashamed with in producing English language. The special purpose of these programis to introduce English languge in so much fun and interesting way using children songs that are already adapted in bahasa Indonesia, in that the children will do not have problem in singing the chosen songs since they are familiar and able to sing it out in Indonesian version. These program also involved some students of English education study program from semester VII who has passed the course of English for Young Learner from the English education study program of FKIP UNCEN who teached by the chairman of this community service program as an application of the theory they have studied in the field of English for Young Learner. The program held for one month including the choosing and selecting the appropriate songs, developing and deepening the songs into teaching material, the making of the teaching aids for delivering the material for
the children, making sure the students to comprehend the song before the teaching, preparing the informal interview and observation sheet, the preparation for implementing the program, and the seminar of the result of the program. This program is so much useful for the children, the students, as well as the parents of the children who also participate and contribute a lot during the program, in get knowing more on English language through the use of songs, acquiring some new vocabulary and how to pronounce them; for students of English education study program in getting familiar with the way of teaching children and in making the media using songs for teaching children as a valuable experince for their future career as a becoming English teachers.

Keywords: Introducing English, Through Songs, Children

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Fathwa Rizza Hanggara. (2011). Pemanfaatan barang bekas sebagai media berkarya topeng dalam pembelajaran seni rupa di kelas VII A SMP Negeri 1 Mayong Jepara (unpublished skripsi).

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pada 08-07-2017.



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