• Maria Meterey
  • Leonard Sagisolo
  • Elita B. Bharanti


The purpose of this research is to know about: a) the input of learning, b) the learning process. c) the output of Learning, d) the factors supporting and inhibiting faced in enhancing learning, and e) the business of the school to improve the quality of learning in SDN I Merauke. This study used qualitative research methods. Location research in SD Negeri 1 Merauke. Data collection techniques used in the study were interviews, observation, documentation studies, and triangulation. The technique of data analysis using data reduction, data presentation, conclusion and verification. Then the validity of the data includes test, credibility (validity internal), transferability (external validity), dependability (reliability), and confirmability (objectivity). The results showed that: a) the quality of the learning inputs have met some basic elements
that determine several indicators that need to be operated in the learning process, namely, effective school leadership, staff teachers who have sufficient pedagogic competence, students who are enterprising and have an interest high to learn, and have demonstrated achievement or quality of a good education and
have the confidence and support of the community, b) quality of the learning process in SDN I Merauke has been running well, because all the teachers are always learning tools to prepare well, thanks to the competence of teachers, especially pedagogical competence. But it is undeniable that the role of school
leadership is the key dynamics and interactions of all the activities and learning activities in schools, which is considered to be effective, c) the quality of the learning output in SDN I Merauke really scintillating, because proven on the graduates each year by the percentage 100%, d) contributing factors and obstacles in relation to the quality of learning in SDN I Merauke, namely, (1) which consists of a supporting factor, effective school leadership, teacher professionalism in teaching, student who have a passion for learning ,
and donations infrastructure of the school committee, while (2) the factors inhibiting consisting of: sometimes the teacher is not timely to go to class, students who are not faithful do the task, poor parents to give support and encouragement to their children to study hard, e ) efforts to improve the quality of learning is (1) to improve school leadership to be more effective in terms of fostering cooperation among all the citizens of the school, (2) improve the pedagogical and professional competence of teachers, (3) provide motivation CONSEQUENTIAL constantly to the students to be diligent to school, study hard and faithfully task of the teachers and parents, (4) addition of the infrastructure of the school committee. 


Keywords: quality, learning,


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