Samuel Mandowen, Supiyanto Supiyanto


Security of data transmission that contains important messages and secrets become a top priority.  Therefore, we need a data security suite to guarantee their confidentiality. Data security or secret messages that can be done by secret scrambling data so that the confidential data is difficult to understand by anyone.
This study aims to create an application or software media learning materials cryptographic data security with GOST method, the data used in this study only in the form of text data, while the development of applications using the programming language Visual Basic. The method used in this research is the method Gost which is a block cipher algorithm. This algorithm has a number of processes as much as 32 round (round) and uses 64 bit block cipher with 256 bit key. GOST method also uses the SBox 8 pieces different and XOR
operations and Circular Shift Left. Results from this study is an application program that can be used as a medium of learning to understand the security of the data by the method Gost and also can be used randomize the secret message.

Key words : Cryptography, method of GOST, Text Encryption, Decryption Text


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