Kebijakan Operasional Bus Angkutan Umum Trans Jogja sebagai Alternatif Mengurangi Kemacetan Arus Lalu Lintas di Kota Yogyakarta dan Sekitarnya

Yudith N.A. Karetji


This paper analyzes the policy of the Yogyakarta City Government in addressing the congestion problem due to the chaos of vehicles, especially the two-wheeled vehicles and the availability of transportation facilities at affordable rates. The research approach used to analyze the operation of Trans Jogja bus is a qualitative approach. Data collection was done by interview method of observation and literature study. The results of this study indicate that the operational of Trans Jogja Bus gives enough positive impact in congestion in Yogyakarta, in addition to the very affordable transportation rates to make this transportation is quite popular by the public. Each stockpolder performs its function well and communicated periodically. The resources that support the operation of Trans Jogja consist of buses that can hold 20-40 people. Yogyakarta City Government in this case the Department of Transportation and PT. Jogja Tugu Trans (JTT) establishes regular network of technical issues to the regulation required in the procurement system, the setting of the route to the transportation tariff.


Policy; Operations; Buses; Congestion; Yogyakarta.

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