Implementasi e-Government : Ketersediaan dan Daya Akses Website Pemerintah Daerah Kabupaten dan Kota di Provinsi Papua

Muliadi Anangkota


This article is the result of research on involving and accessing official access to district / city government offices in the Papua province in supporting the implementation of e-governmnet. The main issues discussed are about the development of implementation of the implementation of e-government in Papua and what factors influence the implementation of e-government in Papua. This research is included in descriptive qualitative research. The data source used is secondary and primary data, namely the study of literature, articles, journals and sites on the internet relating to research conducted. While the primary data used comes from the results of interviews with informant stakeholders. Data collection is done through literature studies, district / city observation websites in Papua, and interviews with Diskominfo in Papua province. The results showed that, as many as 26 district / municipal governments from 29 districts / cities in Papua province had official sites with the domain. Of the 26 web sites all have met indicators, namely access, interaction, transaction and transformation. Several challenges issued by each district / city government in Papua in the development of e-government are factors that support internet support facilities and HR factors that focus on uploading website content. The factor of ignorance of the community about the approval of the official local government site, is also a priority in improving public services through e-government.

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